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This work is inspired by releasing fears, as some people fear snakes, that is why we decided to capture how fear can be released and enhance the most beautiful within the darkest, visualize in this work a beautiful snake that runs through each space each texture and color, wasting elegance and presence to it, and the result would not have been the same without it.

This is an abstract work and additionally it comes with a fundamental piece to encompass the MAHA UPIC concept, this piece is a mouth made of black, blue and white acrylic material.

• This is an exclusive model.

• It will be signed and numbered by the artist with its certificate of authenticity.

• The actual size and final finish of the sample images may differ from the original.

• Colors used: Ocher, fuchsia, green, blue, black, orange.


Dimensions: 18 X 36 X 1.1/2

Weight: 7 Pounds