About Us

About my commitment with you?

My commitment to you will be to connect through art, with short stories told on a canva that carry textures, colors, shapes or simply embellishing your spaces with contemporary art.

Where does MAHA come from?

Maha Upic was born with the idea of ​​creating a world that adds to the positive, that revolves around the evolution of your home and your life, where you can create changes from the inside out, starting with the exterior, you will enjoy works full of style, elegance, originality, projection, color, sensuality, you can admire your spaces with an abstract work marking a great trend of being able to combine shapes, colors, strokes, letting your imagination fly and creativity on each canvas, and the plus that Maha offers you is that in each work, in addition to the abstract handmade, you will be able to enjoy a very important part of your body such as THE MOUTH, it is captured in a subtle, sexy, full way of life and color, made of acrylic, to complete a modern and original work.

​Now let's see beyond what is in front of our eyes, where does Maha come from?

​Without a doubt every day we have an impact on the world around us, what we say and do makes a difference, our purpose is to know what difference we want to be, since it is proven by doctors and neuroscientists that we could stay healthy just by administering what we say and do for the sake of adding, words and actions of well-being and happiness towards oneself and towards others.

​When we say words with power, the situation changes for better or for worse, that is why we must tame our minds so that each word of affirmation that comes out of our MOUTH is positive and thus we will create the habit of thinking, speaking and acting in favor of live healthily happy.

Since everything depends on you, if you say that you will not achieve it, you will not be able to, and if you say if I can, you will also be right, since everything is based on what your body and mind give it strength and it is executed Forget that the words are blown away by the wind, it is a mistake, they stay in our minds and they are directing our life along the path that it indicates.

​On our word our present and future depends, your MOUTH is a powerful instrument, which can add or subtract in your life and in the lives of others, Maha is born from that power, THE POWER OF YOUR MOUTH, from your words of your affirmations , the power you have over your life, perhaps you already knew it but we do not always give it strength to add and live around to evolve, and that is why with Maha we not only offer you a work of light, beauty and style but we also I invite you to live healthily happy from the inside out, in a simpler way, just by practicing 10 great powers.



The influence of words in our life is enormous due to their strength, this acts as a seed that generates life to what you say, turning into pure energy that will attract action or event, which is why I recommend creating the habit of only encourage words that add up, words that make you edify, evolve, transform for the better everything you attract and everything around you, with this you will achieve significant changes in your life and in your environment, and so that it becomes easier for you to Achieving this eliminates from your vocabulary the word I can't, I don't know, every word that makes you think negative, with time you will get used to substituting words without subtracting in your mind or in your life. 


 Many times we are surrounded by negativity, but to create a change everything will start from the perspective we are giving you, although it is true that you cannot control everything that happens to you, but if you can control how to face the situation, you just have to channel it, learn of the lived search for a solution and continue, do not get stuck, do not get depressed and do not victimize yourself, just get out of there continue with more force, in your thoughts and actions there will always be the solution.​


First ask yourself the question: Is my environment how I would like to evolve? If the answer is Yes, I congratulate you since your environment acts as an echo, enthusiasm and optimism are contagious and there is a motivating effect, I do not mean people who ignore realities or difficulties, they simply know how to get the positive side of things and they focus on solving and advancing in each situation, learning from them and they always keep busy growing, adding, emerging in a few words moving forward. If your answer was no, you should start with changing your way of thinking, channeling your attitude and looking for a new environment.


Daydreaming will allow you to live a rewarding experience from the inside out,

Start with making a dream map, alone or accompanied, on a PC or on a cardboard as you feel better just DO it, set goals in the short, medium and long term, make an action plan and work towards materializing it ... you will see that this experience of looking back and seeing how many goals have already been achieved is one of the most rewarding experiences; And when you are reaching these goals, create new ones and put your mind to dream because you will already know that dreams come true, you just have to identify them and go for them.


When you wake up and when you go to bed thank you for everything, this will help you change your dimension, it will help you communicate from the heart. Just by thanking, but really, you can get to illuminate and undo conflicts, judgments, discomforts, bad moments and above all to create a common well-being, acting as a key that opens many forces, but I repeat will only have power if you really feel it. just saying it.

Give thanks instead of complaining, give thanks instead of criticizing or judging, giving thanks instead of asking, there is nothing but just THANK YOU. I invite you to make a list of all the things you should be grateful for, until it is not huge, do not stop, read it until at least 30 nights on the last day, burn the list and celebrate as you prefer.


Let your smile spread, the world will see you as you see it.

Smiling generates infinite positive reactions in the brain, relieves tension, improves mood, brings us closer to positive people as a magnet, is synonymous with feeling good, so if you have a bad day find a reason to smile and if you do not succeed, believe it.


Go back to basics, educate yourself and learn to eat healthy, as this will be one of the key foundations for creating a healthy, happy and active life. Promote the habit of healthy, rich and nutritious dishes, so the time will come for your palate to get used to it without much effort, and if together you start a daily exercise plan, you will surely prevent diseases, improve your mood, increase your energy You will sleep better, believe me, your mind and body will thank you.


That applies to people, words and actions.

If they throw emotional poison at you and you take it, you can die, and it will only be your responsibility because you made the decision that it entered your life and your body, so my biggest advice is that you do not allow anything or anyone to take your life, no Put your trust in what others do or say. 

There are negative people, painful words, and actions that are created only to subtract, to do evil, to find a setback in you why? I do not know, it is not important, what is really important is that you do to avoid giving it strength, because if you give importance this will not stop growing and you will be an ant before such magnitude which will end what you are and with what you're worth.


We assume that human beings are alive just by breathing, and yes, but human growth goes further, the synonym of being alive is growth is the evolution you have, as living trees grow, ivy if alive grows, Corals if they are alive grow, ... why ask yourself these questions, are you alive? Are you growing ?, and I don't mean physical growth is cellular growth, this implies personal, spiritual, social, professional evolution, this implies improving, changing, unlearning and learning again, but for this to happen there must be the intention and the will otherwise if we limit ourselves to always stay the same way we will be like that stagnant water that gradually becomes cloudy and unhealthy.

Perhaps evolving you tend to fear changes but do not give way to fear, since they tend to slow us down and freeze our progress, stagnating your evolution and leaving you in your comfort zone which makes you feel a sense of tranquility, being comfortable because you know the terrain and you will not have to face new or unexpected situations; Now, as time goes by you are in the same place, frustrations and a feeling of regret for not giving way to changes will appear. 

So, the biggest advance that you can give yourself is to take the first step, daring to evolve this will be like oxygenating yourself, since any long journey begins with just one step.


You are a being of light, valuable, you came to this world because you were the fastest sperm and you WON THE CAREER, you came to this world to fulfill a mission, look for you because, analyze it, use it, execute it.

You are great, never allow the light to be extinguished to achieve everything you set out to do in life, you just need to believe in yourself, your potential is your virtues, eliminate from your mind what makes you think otherwise, just believe in you, get up and go for what you want.

Thank you for being part of this percentage of people who want to add and live healthily happy from the inside out creating a world of color. 

Practice these 10 powers for 21 days and you will create the habit of living in a healthy way, thus eradicating all mental poverty, welcoming everything positive, healthy for you and those around you, remember life is a mirror and you will be that being that radiates light where you pass. 

Fill your living spaces, fill your spaces with MAHA UPIC.