Artist: Janette HP.

I was born on May 5, 1989, in Valencia, Venezuela.

Since I was little I had an interest in art, it was my north but I had not discovered it yet, since childhood they give us options for many careers to become a professional but plastic art was not in the common options of my life, for this reason I grew up, I graduated as a business administrator, that was ok but it wasn't great, since at that time I thought it would be an instrument to give strength to entrepreneurship and not opt ​​for the world of the traditional system, and if I do, I will start in different fields and have professional growth, but also with I felt the effects of the emotional ups and downs and gave way to a strong depression, which made me react, I need to find through what I learned from that situation a change of attitude and action that would allow me to evolve and get out of that focus that today, the most beautiful thing is that in that trip that began as a self-help, it became through art an instrument to help others.

I understood that when there is something that you are passionate about, you must give it strength and without a doubt the results will be fruitful because you do it with passion, focus and love, the most powerful instrument that made me evolve, was a canva, a brush and many paints.

With bright colors, they helped me to give light to my darkness, in each work I capture everything I experienced, everything I learned, this led me to become a visual artist, I went deeper, what was previously a hobby and a passion, today is my profession, so through my works and art I help others to find their north, their passion and make them see the power that our words have, with which we can create or destroy, it is for them that all my works are represented with a mouth, as a reminder that we can transform everything negative to positive from the inside out and when our thoughts and feelings are transformed into words they become an entity that helps us to our mental and emotional health and to form us to be healthy happy from the inside out, with ourselves and with others. I currently live in the US, a country that has given me the opportunity to expand my art around the world, believe MAHA UPIC, which is a project.

Personal, aimed at all people who appreciate abstract art, and who like me at the time are looking for a source of inspiration to give a positive turn to their life.

With the feet on the ground and the eyes on the moon.




Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose your words well.

Robin Sharma.


When you recite affirmations, feel the words in your heart as you say them and know that what you think you will create.

Peggy McColl


May every word that is ever spoken with our mouths be a word that inspires us, and never words that bring us down.